What Are Services Like?

Good question! We ask that same question every week. The reality is that each service has its own unique thumbprint. But if you had to pin us down, then our typical weekend gathering would include high-impact music and a relevant biblical message. We are willing to take significant risks to communicate God's word. CCC is a multi-generational church utilizing multi-sensory elements to contextualize without compromising the message of Christ. We welcome individuals of every age and race.

How Long Does Service Last?

Our Services start each week with 25 minutes of worship and communion, 5 minute break for parents to take their kids back to our children's ministry followed by a 45 minute Sermon. You shouldn't expect to be at CCC any longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes, but we encourage you to stick around after service so we can get to know you better! Also, if you come a little early we have free Popcorn on Saturday nights and Donuts and Coffee on Sunday mornings.

First Time Visitor?

The very first thing we will ask of you is simple: just relax! You're with friends. Don't worry about being flagged, tagged or pointed out as a "newbie." In fact we won't make you stand-up, clap or do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. 

Don't worry about what to wear. We are more concerned with meeting your needs than with what you wear. Most people will dress in casual weekend attire, so dress how you feel comfortable and you'll fit right in.