Vision Statement

CCC will train 12 Godly leaders every season to produce other leaders and impact our community

with the dynamic power of the message of King Jesus and the Holy Spirit


We strive to significantly reduce the levels of addiction, crime, broken homes and other destructive behaviors

within three years (2021) to benefit area families to the honor and glory of God. We will do this through an intentional discipleship program so that members of CCC are Godly leaders in their homes, church and community.


1. To train 36 leaders/disciples who can reach the uncharted and disciple others every year.

2. For eery member of CCC to pray daily for our church and community.

3. To reduce the crime rate and number of broken homes by 25% in three years (2021) through prayer,

fasting and an intentional program of discipleship/leadership training that produces other disciples that

will act as salt and light in our community (Matt 5:13-16)


1. CCC values the Bible as the very Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error in

it's original form (2 Tim 3:16)

2. CCC will present the clear message of salvation through Jesus Christ at every service (2 Cor 5:21)

3. CCC is a welcoming community that opens it's door to all regardless of race, income or past mistakes

Everyone is welcome at CCC.

4. CCC is striving to put together the best children's ministry in the area. We value children recognizing

that, according to the most recent research, kids are checking out of the Christian faith at a younger age.

We value teaching children the Bible and welcoming any and all questions they may have about the faith.

5. CCC should reflect the community. As such, we believe our congregation should be diverse in

regards to race and age.

6. CCC believes we can be Biblical, challenging, practical and fun! We value being a community that

has a good time together!

7. CCC uses a lot of visuals including film clips. We recognize that men especially are visual by nature,

so we try and illustrate Biblical truth by showing as well as telling.

8. CCC values regular prayer and fasting by all of our members for the church and our community (Matt 6:16)

9. CCC values Godly, male leadership (1 Cor 11:3)

10. CCC values training leaders to train leaders to impact our community with the dynamic power of

the message of King Jesus and to greatly reduce the percentage of addiction, crime, broken homes

and other destructive social behavior.